Ultrasonic cleaner SP-890 Extra lift

Cleaners of the Extra lift series are distinguished by the presence of three radiating surfaces and a lifting platform.


Working capacity length, mm 1200
Working capacity width, mm 700
Working capacity depth, mm 700
Ultrasound frequency, kHz 25 or 40


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Less than 6 seconds – destruction time of 10 micron foil in Shield Ultrasonic baths. Even global brands need more than 10 seconds to do this.

Reduced energy consumption

Smart generators automatically maintain optimal operating mode, reducing energy consumption by up to 4 times compared to analogues.

Emitters with efficiency > 90%

Emitters of our own design and their optimal location in the working tank provide an efficiency unattainable for the vast majority of manufacturers of ultrasonic equipment.

Pro series cleaners are designed for industrial use, intensive use throughout the day. Optimal for effective and quick cleaning of parts of simple geometric shapes (sheets, rods, rings, etc.) from the most persistent and hard-to-reach contaminants, including hidden cavities and microcracks.

Ultra-efficient cavitation with reduced energy consumption by up to 4 times

The purpose of an ultrasonic cleaner is to create powerful cavitation to intensify the cleaning process and ensure the penetration of the cleaning solution into the smallest cavities of the product. The simplest and most objective way to check the effectiveness of cavitation is to lower a sheet of foil into the solution in the bath and turn on the ultrasound.

Less than 6 seconds -

the time it takes our ultrasonic bath to destroy foil 10 microns thick evenly over the entire area. Manufacturers of even well-known world brands need more than 10 seconds for this. Powerful cavitation ensures that the cleaning time of parts from contaminants (except for old oil deposits) in our ultrasonic cleaners takes an average of 2-10 minutes, and washing the cylinder head from oil deposits takes 15-20 minutes.

How is this result achieved?
Smart generators

The generator measures the wave impedance of the emitter 1000 times per second and provides a system for automatically adjusting the emitted power and ultrasonic frequency depending on the volume of loaded parts, physical and chemical properties and the volume of liquid. Provides maximum cavitation without unnecessary energy consumption.

IMPORTANT! There is no point in constantly supplying maximum power to the emitters, because... power consumption is not related to the efficiency of cavitation in a particular liquid. Excess power leads to more heating of the system instead of cavitation. It is important to deliver optimal power, which is what generators do. A person will not be able to select the optimal power with his hands, so in manual mode the efficiency of the bath will always be lower than ours, and the energy consumption will be higher.

Emitters with efficiency > 90%

The optimal number and location of emitters in the working tank provide an efficiency unattainable for the vast majority of ultrasonic equipment manufacturers. Thanks to numerous experiments and calculations, the distance between the emitters was determined, which enhances the effect of neighboring emitters and creates additional resonance of the membrane with reduced energy consumption.

Additional features

An original system of protection against failure of emitters in case of accidental start-up without liquid for 10 minutes, in the absence or malfunction of liquid level sensors.

The soft start-up and shutdown system ensures the operational reliability of the equipment.

System for diagnostics and protection against abnormal operating conditions (short circuit, power surges).

The effective frequency of ultrasound is different for everyone

We produce all ultrasonic cleaners at two main frequencies. In short, the choice of ultrasonic frequency is determined by the nature of the parts.

25 kHz - almost all mechanical engineering parts with holes and cavities larger than 500 microns.

40 kHz - products with surface microrelief, for example, electronic boards, fine-porous filters, parts with holes and cavities less than 500 microns in size.

Main conclusion

Extremely high cavitation efficiency in our cleaners is achieved with energy consumption reduced by 2-4 times compared to analogues, thanks to proprietary generators and emitters with feedback. Online generators supply optimal power and ultrasonic frequency to the emitters based on the current density and temperature of the liquid, and the volume of the part in the bath.

Working capacity length, mm 1200
Working capacity width, mm 700
Working capacity depth, mm 700
Load capacity of the basket, kg 500
Radiating sides  Bottom + 2 side walls
Lifting platform Yes
Basket size, mm 1090х570х700
Power of ultrasonic emitters, W 4620
Heating element power, W 10000
Pneumatic cover drive
Dimensions of the bath body, mm 1650х1450х1300


Examples of ultrasonic cleaners

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